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Hi Guys,

Fingers crossed will finish the AAT in august, and am going to start either ACCA or Cima. I really do prefer the management accountancy side, and for that would prefer to do Cima.

My main query/concern is i don't have a degree. For that reason i intend on doing ACCA do get one with Oxford Brookes! My question is does anyone know if the Cima have anything similar. I've looked, and am fairly sure they don't but thought i would check with others!!

Thanks in Advance



  • NeilH
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    CIMA dont have the sort of arrangement that the ACCA do with Brookes. However, CIMA have put together a database of universities that give advance standing (i.e. starting at the third year) for CIMA part qualifieds and qualifieds, but this would involve seperate study.

    I considered the ACCA route for the degree option, but the general impression I got was that whilst it would be an extra tick in a box, the degree itself might not be considered much more than the first 2/3 of ACCA anyway. I did CIMA in the end.

    Anyone on here done ACCA and taken the degree...?

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    The Oxford Brookes scheme is a little odd. What they do is take your ACCA exam results and a special projest (which is a lot like a dissertation) and combine the two into a BSc degree in Applied Accounting. I question whether this degree is truly the equal of even other degrees in accounting from the same uni. I did apply to Oxford Brookes for their BA Accounting and Finance course and was awarded direct entry into year 2 on the strength of my AAT membership.

    I didn't take that, but I did do a degree in Accounting and Finance elsewhere (Norwich). I am now in a position to apply for exemptions from 4 of the 6 managerial level CIMA exams or 8 of the 9 ACCA Fundamentals on its basis (other degrees may grant even more generous exemptions). It did require two more years of full-time study, but it is an option.
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