Reflecting employers changes on your CV

Slightly OT, but I have just looked up one of my major previous employers (I was there three years and got some very good experience, but I left two years ago to go to uni) to discover some pretty major changes.

1. The old head of accounts and my line manager had both left six months after I did. (I already knew this).

2. The old MD was kicked out by the shareholders and the entire board of directors replaced. (this is a matter of public record, I already knew this as well)

3. The entire company has changed it's name and corporate identity. As far as I can tell, they acquired a subsidiary but kept it's branding and traded under that names. But now (as of 1st July), they've changed the name and style of the parent to match the subsidiary.

I'm not using them for reference purposes any more (I have my employer from last summer and a lecturer from my uni), but they're still a major part of my CV and are going to get talked about in basically every interview I have.

How much does any of the above changes affect me now? Should I be listing them under the new name so potential employers can find the HR department if they do need to check something?


  • NeilH
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    If you're not putting them forward as referees then employers probably wont contact them, and they'llhave to ask your permission first anyway.

    As for reflecting it on my CV, i'd put it in the normal way using the company name at the time then put the new name in brackets. E.g. Such and Such Ltd (now This and That Ltd).

  • blobbyh
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    There's little point in continuing with them as a reference if there's been a full changing of the guards and no-one will remember you directly. In this age with companies going to the wall each day, this is a common situation. If you're ever under notice of redundancy you can ask for an open reference, usually on company letterhead and signed by a senior officer. If you turn up to work to find the company has closed, this isn't an option and there's not a great deal you can do. I have a recently expired company on my own CV so looking for recent references can be challenging and the further back you go, the less relevant they can become.

    You arguably shouldn't put your references on your CV anyway, merely just a note that they can be supplied upon request. References won't generally be checked - if at all - until after the interview processes have ended and you would/should have mentioned the status of the 'expired' company during your initial discussions.

    As Neil said, if they're not a reference they won't be contacted anyway, they're just a part of your past work history just like everyone else'es.

    EDIT; Goddamn. As noted elsewhere, this was my 666th post and I wasted it on a serious thread...!
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