DFS June 2009 Exam!

hufckinger Registered Posts: 14 New contributor 🐸
Hey guys (and gals!!!)

i am a bit worried here....because basically i managed to get all of my numbers spot on in the DFS June 2009 exam, but feel that my written communication was very poor.....will the number work be enough to get me through?

I did explain all the ratios in task 2.1......but i tripped up largely on the IAS questions.....any response is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :thumbup:


  • Steve Collings
    Steve Collings Registered Posts: 997 Epic contributor 🐘
    You're not expected to get the whole paper right in order to pass.

    With discursive aspects you will be surprised how many marks can be picked up even though students often think they have made a complete hash of the whole thing.

    Kind regards
  • hufckinger
    hufckinger Registered Posts: 14 New contributor 🐸
    yes, i understand this steve....but i just wanted to know what weighting of marks will be down to pure number work?

    It's just that i believe i had the right answers on numbers, but the written communication was not the best.

    Surely there is not a high chance of failing if all the numbers are correct? :crying:

    thanks in advance
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