Distance Learning - Diploma or NVQ

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After a month of being mucked around by my local college I have decided to go for distance learning. I really would appreciate some advice and apologise if I am going over old ground. I have just completed my A Levels

Premier Training suggested I do the Diploma rather than NVQ and suggested I enter at Advanced Certificate level (I am fairly confident with double entry, etc). They include Sage Line 50 and entry to Sage exam as well as the main course.

Eagle Training however suggested that I do the NVQ route as there would be less work to do. They say that if I do the Diploma then I would have to do unit 31 from the previous level plus computers, and thus I would effectively be doing half of the previous level as well.

I am not bothered about the level of work - I just want the best education. Any advice on the best route and any feedback on the best training providers would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much indeed.


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    I was under the impression you have to be employed in an accounts role to do NVQ, maybe someone here will confirm this.
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    Most colleges only offer one route so you have to do what they offer. Loads of people do NVQ that don't work in accounts as they can do simulations in college. It depends what level you are starting at as well. There's a lot to do on the NVQ route at level 2, but as much at level 3. I'd ask the AAT for advice as most people probably only know the route they are doing. I only know the NVQ route. Niggs
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    Sorry I meant to say not as much at level 3!
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    Thank you for the advice - I think I am going to do the Diploma route. I have done the skills check and can probably start at the Advanced Level. Just now need to decide on training provider - Premier and Eagle seem to be recommended so any advice from people studying with either of these would be really appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    I studied Diploma route Premier Training in Immingham and have been quite happy with them. Don't know Eagle so can't compare. Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I also studied the diploma level with Premier Training, and like you, I went in at advanced level so did Unit 31 too. Like Jilt, Premier Training has given me great support, good feedback and tutor was very responsive. The only problem I've had with them is they messed me about in the beginning because I wanted to apply for a development loan from the government, but needed their scheme number from them. I chased them for 2 months only to find that hadn't been able to achieve membership to the scheme, so I had to pay for the course myself in the end. All in all, I would still recommend them.

    Regards work load, it was heavier than I thought and I'm just on the last skills test now - 13 months later after starting. I probably do about 6-8 hours studying a week. Unit 31 took me a good couple of months as it's in 3 parts. Also I had a month off from studying after the December exam :)

    Hope that helps! Good luck in your studies.
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