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Hi all,

Hope someone can help.

I'm distance studying with FTC Kaplan on the Diploma route (Advanced Cert.) and although I've finally passed the FRA and ECR exams I want to get the sims for the other 3 modules (OCMC, PE & AWS) done before looking for a new job.

I unsuccessfully took a simulation in OCMC recently in London (an FTC centre), but it took an entire day and £40 out of my pocket to get there !

My study guide says that in 'exceptional circumstances', including when one doesn't want one's employer to know, alternatives such as librarians, job centre officials etc. could act as a supervisor.

I'm in South Essex (nr. Southend).

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and have you found an alternative supervisor (i.e. not employer or course provider) in this area ?




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    I took Unit 15 via my local library, as I study through Kaplan distance learning. I went in first and met the head Librarian and the simulation was then posted directly to her.
    I think it is up to the library if they have the staff available to let you do it. I went into a larger library first and they said no, so tried my smaller and local library and they were fine. I passed first time as well - definately use them again, as otherwise I would have to pay over £30 on train fares into the closest Kaplan office which is in Manchester.

    Good luck!
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    I have been told I can do mine at my mother's neighbours as she is an Accountant and i am not best buddies with her.

    I had to sit the intermediate ones at Kaplan as they would not allow me to sit them at my work as I have no supervisor but Eagle have said I can do as above.
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