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I am eagerly awaiting my ECR results. I went to college today to enroll on the technician level and was told I wasn't allowed because a new rule has come into to play that you must have passed the previous level before proceeding to the next. This obviously could completely prolong the time it takes to become a fully qualified technician. Has any body else had the same problem??? I am quite angry as if (god forbid) I do fail ECR I would not be able to do technician level until next year.

I am going to ring the AAT tommorow to clarify this, any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated.




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    Don't think you can enrol this early anyway?

    TBH i think this is the way it should be it is with every other qualification.

    Maybe see what AAT say though..
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    Ive already enrolled i think it depends on the college
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    Hi Shelley,

    There's a similar thread to this that was running a few weeks ago;;


    As Vic says, this is more likely a college rule than an AAT policy shift.
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    A Vic is right.
    Colleges are financed on the basis of the students who pass in a limited time. They are usually reluctant to recruit students who are not likely to pass, so will often put up their own entry requiremements to reduce the risk.

    It is worth remembering that course fees are a small part of the income colleges receive, but the other parts are generally conditional.

    When I run revision days, our finance is entirely made up of fees paid by students so I do not feel quite so beholdent to other bodies.
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    Our college is the same

    We are not allowed to enrol on AAT Technician unless we have fully completed aat intermediate.

    My tutor says that the college's funding is now dependent on the student's success rate - ie those students who have passed all 5 units on aat intermediate. if any unit is not completed or failed any of the exams, then the student results are not counted as successfully completed the course.

    secondly all the aat technician students are required to sit 2 exams in december. this gives students two bites to a cherry, should they fail any exam in december.

    our college have concluded that the chances of students succeeding in both exams in december sitting will be much reduced from the current rate of 87%, if they have to take 2 level 4 exams and 1 level 3 exams.

    However, This is not AAT's policy. As per AAT you can do any exams at any time. you can even mix and match level 2 level 3 and level 4 exams. But every AAT centre has it's own policy on enrolling students.

    If your college will not enrol you then you will find that the private training providers will welcome you with open alms
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    Didnt think you could enrol until September. However, we have been told that as long as we passed our Skills Tests/Simulations we could still enrol onto level 4 even if we have failed exams as re-sits can be done in December but if you failed simulations then would not be allowed to continue. This is at a College though. Not sure if same applies to home learning etc.
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    flower wrote: »
    Didnt think you could enrol until September

    Surely enrolments are starting already as classes start in September and the colleges ideally need to know an accurate number of attendees before then? You don't usually book your holiday on the day you're flying, do you?!
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    Colleges will be enrolling now, once their computer system has updated course codes etc and their prospectuses are out you can enrol on the courses advertised. My tutor at the college i attend has said this to me....You can enrol on level 4 now but if you fail you will get a full refund as you have not started the course yet...also if i do fail to e mail her.
    I think it is down to the colleges discretion...if you passed level 3 simulations, but not the exams due to some silly mistakes...(ie not due to not revising or struggling with the course) and they think you will be competent enough to pass level 4 and re take the level 3 exams and pass, it is up to them and their discretion to allow you onto level 4. They will not allow people who have previously struggled and failed as if they continue onto level 4 and fail they will not get funding for that person. If you had a class of 20 and 10 failed not only does it look bad on statistics which are used to decide whether it is worth running the course the following year...but also paying a tutor £25 per hour is not worth them doin either if the money they get at the end of it doesnt cover the costs....
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    Our college won't let you go on to a further level of AAT until you've passed the level before it. I've just completed Foundation and am awaiting my exam result, they have let me enrole for the next year pending my exam results. We have to go into college a couple of days after we get our results to fully enrole. They do this because they want to give first priority to those students who passed foundation through them as they are really over subscribed on the intermediate course. The same rules do apply to level 4 too though, but that is purely my college's outlook on it, they can always get the number of students they want so they wish you to pass before you're enrolled on the next level.
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    blobbyh wrote: »
    Surely enrolments are starting already as classes start in September and the colleges ideally need to know an accurate number of attendees before then? You don't usually book your holiday on the day you're flying, do you?!

    There are limited spaces at our college as this is a very popular course so those who have started and continued each level get the oppertunity to enrol first, also due to funding been made availble to 3 level students for level 4 in May we were allowed to fill the enrolment sheet then.
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    Is there anyone there who went to Salford College, Worsley and studied Intermediate level last year??
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