How is BPP?

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I'm trying to pick a school to begin the certificate for the AAT diploma pathway. I'm trying to find a distance learning program and BPP and Premier Training both look good so far. I have read some good reviews on Premier, but what about BPP? For those studying with them, are you happy with this school? Would you recommend it? And is the price pretty reasonable?




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    Im in the process of finishing foundation with kaplan but due to their service and cost I am thinking of changing. One notable provider I am considering is eagle education - they seem decent, reasonable price and highly regarded on the forum. The web is

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm with BPP - or hopefully just finishing with them this time. Have done intermediate and technician via distance learning.
    Can only comment on distance learning - had good support tutors for unit 10, unit 5,6,7 and unit 15. Used their BPP centre in Manchester to take the exams. - prices of courses are competitive and I think their coursework books are a lot clearer than some I have seen :001_smile:
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    I have also been studying with BPP for the NVQ pathway and my own personal experience hasn't been good. I've really had problems with their customer service for Home Study students.

    The problems have been obtaining any tutor support, and obtaining information about how to book & undertake simulations and the unit 10 project. They've also lost work I've submitted for marking and I have to post everything recorded delivery to ensure I can prove I've sent it! :mad2:

    On the plus side I have found their books and study material fine, and the cost for distance learning is reasonable.
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    I have been doing the diploma route for advanced and diploma with them and i cannot fault their service. Their books are the best, I have purchased both Osbourne and Kaplan as extra questions and experience and have not be impressed at all with either of them.

    The problem is not everyones requirements and expecttions are the same, so what suits some does not suit others.
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    I have been studying with BPP homestudy and have also attended their revision classes.

    Overall i would say that their admin team are absolutley rubbish, the text book is really good, Homestudy plan too long winded and the Revision Course second to None. The tutors on the revision course are really helpful and give you easy step by step pro-formas for you to use. I woulod recommend to revioson courses to any one and personally found that reading the book and going to one of these put me in really good stead for the exams. (Probably failed now i said that lol :))
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