Sage Help Please - Unit 31

Hi all,

I'm having a mental block and I have my Simulation for Sage tomorrow.

I don't use Sage at work and im struggling with a couple of the printouts requested in the AAT practice sim

Subsidiary Sales Ledger
Subsidiary Purchae Ledger
Main Ledger.

Which Reports in Sage (i have version 12.00) do i print for these reports???

Any help much appreciated..........and yes i know im leaving it a little late :P


  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    Off the top of my head,

    Sub Sales Ledger = Aged Debtors

    Sub Purchase Ledger = Aged Creditors

    Main ledger i'm unsure about, could be a lot of things.. any more details on that one?
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Hi AK002,

    Unfortuately the question doesn't give anymore details, thats the problem.

    I dont know if it means a summary total of the balances or all the detailed transactions.
  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580

    You could try;

    Nominal Activity Report
    Nominal Activity Excluding No Transactions

    Have a look, is this the sort of thing you need? It shows all the activity on the nominal codes.
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Thanks, I've just found this on the extensive search of the forums i am doing. This might be the one im after but im not sure. The suggested answers for the simulation doesn't actually give you the reports you need to print and even though my colledge tutor (im doing distance learning) has emailed me a manual it still doesnt explain which report the aat require.

    Im also googling the net. Shouldn't have left it so late i guess!
  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580
    Good luck!!

    I've had another look on Sage and if I had been asked to produce a report, I would do the one that I suggested as it shows everything.

    All the best

  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Thank you Tracey,

    Think i will go with that one if it comes up.
  • Krishi
    Krishi Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    Hi Jo,

    As per as I know

    Sub Sales Ledger = Aged Debtors Anaysis (summary) Report

    Sub Purchase Ledger = Aged Creditor Analysis (summary) Report

    Main ledger = Nominal ledger (most probably just for Bank current a/c
    (1200 )and Cash a/c(1230) all transactions and the accounts balance.)

    Have look --- might be it'lll help you .
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Thank you Krishi
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Update: Just in case anyone else needs this information.

    I had another think about these prints and asked a tutor before attempting the skills test. In the end for my sim I printed out as follows:

    Subsidiary Sales Ledger: Customer Activity Report in detail
    Subsidiary Purchase Ledger: Supplier Activity Report in detail
    Main Ledger : Nominal Activity Report Excluding ones with no transactions.

    Can't tell you if its right yet but fingers crossed!!
  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580
    Hope it went well, and fingers crossed for the results. So long as you have made an educated guess at what they were asking for I'm sure you will be fine!
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