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Hi all,

I rang the HMRC to register as an agent and they told me i need to go to this website and obtain an agent ref number from there but i have tried this website but it dont work :mad2: Then after obtaining the reference number i need to go to hmrc website and register as an agent from there. Has anybody used this link before or which is the best way to go about registering as an agent.

Please help.:crying:


  • deanshepherd
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    Easiest way is to just submit a 64-8 for a client (or family member if you do not have one yet) then give it a week or so to be processed (Longbenton are getting quicker these days) then just call up and ask for it.

    When HMRC process a 64-8 they either locate you on their database and add the client to your agent ref or, if they can't find one, they set you up with a new agent ref.
  • mc25
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    Thanks Dean for your prompt reply, I haven't got any 64-8 form yet, but i think that is the only option these people are giving you as I asked the lady I spoke to if the websites doesnt work (which i did try when she was on phone) what other number can i ring and she said unfortunately that is the only way to do it now i will have to try again. i have tried and tried but all am getting is explorer cannot display the webpage...:crying: if they only made things easier....

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    You could try phoning HMRC again.. you might be fortunate enough to be put on to someone that can help..
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    Here's a link to the PDF of the 64-8 form, if it's of any help?
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    You could try ringing the revenue and asking to be put in contact with your local agent controller, they will then issue you with the agent references that you require. That's what I did.

    Kind regards
  • mc25
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    Thank you all for your help. I hope i will get sorted out soon:thumbup1:
  • Anne Boleyn
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    Agent Maintainer

    Hi mc25,

    I don't know whether you've sorted this matter out but I've just come across the telephone number for the agent maintainer in Suffolk, 0845 366 7824. Or it certainly was when I registered 2 years ago. If they can't register you I'm sure they can give you the number for your local one.

    Hope this helps.
  • mc25
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    Nice one Anne Boleyn am just trying every option possible, will give it a shot too.:thumbup1:
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