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Unit 5

hargy001hargy001 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1
Can anyone help me with the exact difinition of undercast and overcast some times when i spend a lot of time on this everything just meshes together and it will not go into my head Help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:001_unsure::001_unsure::001_unsure::001_unsure::001_unsure:


  • sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 567
    Its basically not added up right, so undercast is added up wrong by too little and overcast is added up wrong by too much. So if the text says the rent account has been overcast by £100 all they are saying is that its added up wrong and is showing £100.00 more than is actually there.
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