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I am panicking so much nothing balanced on fin put all the workings not even the simpliest income statement or anything. Some told me that dont waste time balancing but show workings oh how i hope they are right.! ! !


  • garry_coombs
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    which exam are you talking about here?

    You are right in that if you don't balance things you can still pick up most of the marks and so there is no point wasting all of your time on one question when you need to complete 2 sections, so you should carry on and come back if and when you have finished the other areas of the paper.

    Don't worry too much about the results, there is nothing that you can achieve through worrying, so you may aswell put it to the back of your mind and not think about it until the 17th, or whenever results day is, even then a fail is re-sitable, so don't panic, it will only make you feel worse for the next few weeks!

    Good luck, i hope everything goes well for you!
  • jay cutler
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    best of luck to you both with the results. I am certainly hoping to pass DFS and PEV and become AAT qualified in 4 weeks. AAT really has taken much of my time. But I hope maybe there's some AAT recommended emplyers I can apply to for permanent vacancies. i definitely will not study further until then.
  • Brumi
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    Sorry it is Financial and costings PEV
  • lewpylew
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    Nothing balanced in my FRA exam last year and I passed. I am a real worrier but trying to put the exams at the back of my mind as nothing I can do about them now. We tried and if we don't succeed we'll give it another go.

    Try and enjoy the summer and the 17th August will be here before we know it :ohmy: :001_smile:
  • PGM
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    Brumi wrote: »
    Sorry it is Financial and costings PEV

    You can worry too much! Just forget about it and enjoy summer.

    Theres still a lot of points to get even if it doesn't balance, plus it can still balance and be wrong. Balancings over rated anyway ;)
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