Annual Investment Allowance

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I've got a partnership here which ended last September. The 2 partners decided to continue the same trade but as sole traders. The written down value of the van was £2500 in the accounts, but they decided that it was worth about £3600 at the time, so partner A gave partner B £1800 and now owns the van, and partner B bought himself a new van of a similar value. There's now a balancing charge in the partnership accounts in respect of the sale of the van, but I need to know whether Partner A can claim AIA of £3600 in his sole trader accounts?
I've read Tolly's information about connected persons but it doesn't seem to answer my question :(


  • PaulPSB
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    Normal rules for connected persons would be that new owner could only claim writing down allowances starting with the TWDV of the assets acquired from the connected party.

    That would suggest AIA claim not possible

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