UNIT 10 - any advice on assessors

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I am currently doing technician level and completed the PEV and PCR exams in June. These are my last exams and i only have Unit 10 and a skills test left. I have been buying books myself for this level and entering exams to save money (had a baby) and have always passed 1st time (so far).

My problem is now that to do Unit 10 i need an assessor. I called my local FTC and they said it would cost £300! It would cost around £500 to do the whole level distance learning so there is no way i am paying this. I really want to know if i could just buy the book again for this unit and pay for FTC to assess my report? Has anyone else done this? I have been trying to speak to the person that deals with this unit at FTC but she never calls me back. Im really keen to get this level finished.



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    You can purchase unit 10 alone from Kaplan for distance learning. Its about £140 though. Im not sure how much it is with BPP but I think you can do the same with them. Someone on here wrote that they were able to just take it as an assessment at their local college and they said it only cost £50 but I cant remember whereabouts it is, sorry.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you - i will check this out. £140 is better than £300! Thanks again.
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    Unit 10 Assessor

    Hi BPP charged me £225 plus £6 postage & packages. In this price included assessment of the unit and simulation as well as reporting the result to aat
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