Unit 10 - project How frustrating

Natasha-Mariann Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸

I was wondering if anyone acutally understands unit 10 for Technician level. :confused1:

Because I am finding it so frustrating on how to word things and why they need everything in the project under so many different titles. :glare:

I have got colleagues at work who have already done the project in past years and passed so at the moment I am asking them for inspriation.

So if anyone has any advise or anything at all, please let me know I would be so grateful!



  • heartsandstars
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    i am doing this one at the moment, and I have to say that the hardest part is getting started.

    I am finding the interactive thing on the main AAT website quite useful + you can input your own text into it and it saves it for next time (if you are using the same pc/laptop) which is handy.
  • Kieron
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    I am doing the unit 10 via correspondence and it seems that you write the report then everything needs to be put under different sections or titles, I feel like i am literally just moving everything around, going round in circles. I understand that it has to be right and professional but it clearly has to be perfect and takes an awful lot of time to complete. I have had my second lot of feedback from my assessor and I am getting more and more confused as to exacly what is needed. Very frustrating indeed but you must just perservere, not sure that starting is the hard bit, for me its the finishing!!! Sure I could qualify as a journalist once i get this done.....no wonder people put it off.
  • Natasha-Mariann
    Natasha-Mariann Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸

    Thanks very much for your replies. I will probably find the hardest bit finishing it when I am at that point. :confused1:

    Plenty of people in my college class have had their projects back to make adjustments and some have had it back 4 or 4 times. Do not want to get to that stage.

    So if anyone has any advise or pointers or anything I should try, please let me know. :lol:


  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    did your college give u guidance for the project? if not its on the AAT website, I emailed the AAT to get the most up to date version as the one I was given was out of date.

    It details a criteria there that you must have in each section, I found once I had the bulk of the project complete I went through and ticked off the criteria, its the same as what it will be marked to so you know what they are looking for.

    I did find I repeated myself a bit, but the mapping section at the end helped, you cross refrence each criteria to the numbered paragraph and that covers alot of the sections that you feel you are duplicating.

    Good luck I was glad to complete mine earlier in the year!
  • Tiger
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    The most important point I found is not to worry to much abourt the 'flow' of the report when you read it through. Don't try and write it like an essay!

    Decide your subject, then look at the criteria in the portfolio student record card and write something about your subject that demonstrates that point. Number each paparagraph with the criteria number as you go along. One papragraph with likely cover several criteria. If you have any gaps where you really can't relate it to your subject your tutor can ask you a verbal question on a 'what if' basis and document it - then that counts too.

    If you follow that through you'll have covered all the basics and then need to complete the template/example document thats on the AAT website.. ie like a jigsaw slot each piece under the right headings... It works honest

    My first draft was approved and signed off...

    Good luck and don't stress its not nearly as bad as you think once you get started.

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