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Hi All,

Hope you can help. I'm trying to make a decision between whether to continue in Industry or move back to Practice. I've worked in both, but can't seem to weigh up the pros/cons. I'd love to hear your opinions, as there is bound to be loads I'm not taking into consideration.

Thanks for your help.


  • jorja1986
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    The choice is a very personal one.

    I hated working in practice. I was not able to control my workload, it was given to me dispite having a repetoire with certain clients. One firm I worked in gave you minimum legal holiday told you were you were going to work the night before you disappeared and then expected you to do training in the evening as well.

    I now work in the public sector - atm I dont want to change as I am very happy with all colleagues and my workload, despite it being larger than anything i had before.

    I have worked very breifly in the industry sector and I found that you got more scope to change things (if you were that way inclined to improve systems).

    If you want to work with different types of accounts and people on a regualr basis - then practice.

    Industry if you don't.
  • AK002
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    Never worked in industry but i like working in practice.

    It is a very personal choice tho.
  • *Jo
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    I work in industry (manufacturing) and love it.

    Also worked as a legal cashier in a solicitors and loved that too.
  • A-Vic
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    I work in practise and love the diversity in the job in over 4 years i dont think ive had one day the same.
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