How Long are Exam Results valid for?

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How long are exam and simulation results valid for? eg say i passed the exams last year, how long have i got to fully complete the course? Also how many times can you attempt simulations?


  • MWAUGH1983
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    Not to sure but in regards of all results they get banked and some providers will allow unlimited attempts at the sims. As long as they get banked then you shouldnt have to resit anything.

    Dont think there is a time frame on how long it takes to complete the whole qualification as some people take a few yrs out between levels.

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    hi all

    I complete have my AAT accounts In 1999 and started my payroll in 2008. I have been informed that I have to do the health & Safety simulation again?
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    i've fully completed AAT study and have now to complete my experiential requirement. unfortunately, this will be difficult as i don't work in finance yet.

    AAT have informed me that they would normally expect you to complete your experiential requirement within three years of completing your studies. you can take up to six years if you have a good reason, such as unemployment, further studies, caring for someone etc.

    after six years, you will be required to resit the third year.

    who wants to do unit 10 again ?!!
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