How long are exam results valid for?

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How long are exam and simulation results valid for? e.g say i passed the exams last year, how long have i got to fully complete the course (just simulations needed)? Also how many times can you attempt simulations?


  • mikes
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    I don't know how many attempts you have at doing simulations. However you should try to complete the level that you are on by about Dec 2010 or just after, as i hear that the standards are changing from around September next year. However the old and new will be running side by side for a while. Once you have completed that level under the current standards, then your qualifications are safe and then you can move to the next level under the new standards and they all count towards the overall qualification, regardless of the mixture.
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    Hi Arf! I was told that our results are 'current' for two years - hope my lecturer was correct as I've got a feeling I've failed FRA & will be wasting this year on retaking it.
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    Oops, regarding the simulations; those in my class who didn't acheive competancy were given extra questions to complete, so I'm pretty sure you won't have to retake.
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    i too am slightly unsure what to do next as i hve also heard that the standards are changing. I am looking to complete intermediate in december of this year and to start technician in february 2010, i will be distance learning again so all in all it will take me roughly 16 months to complete this level according to my tutor. That gves me a date of around august 2011.
    Will i have to redo any levels or will it overlap??
    slightly confused

  • Pinchy
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    I have been told direct from AAT that if you have completed a level under one set of standards, there is nothing to stop you doing the next level under a different set of standards.
    The only time you may fall into trouble is if you stop mid-way through a level and then try to pick it up again when things have changed.
    I know all this stuff have worried a few people but I was told quite clearly that it's okay as above.
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