online mip renewal

lorraine Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 404
Hi All

I am trying to renew my MIP license online, but it keeps coming up with a error code, is anyone else having these problem or is it just me:confused1:

I have emailed aat to check if they have recieved my app!

aarrrggghh!!! this is mean't to be easy....


  • clearaccounting100
    clearaccounting100 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 49
    hi i renewed mine last month re the online way and i kept getting an error message too. After a number of attempts i logged out and logged back in and it was fine for me. I know i sound like an IT person saying log off and log back on but it did work, hopefully it will for you to. :001_smile:
  • lorraine
    lorraine Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 404
    I have called the MIP team and they have emailed me a copy of the form, I am going to post it back, seems easier as I did try logging out and logging back in! didn't work for me :-( I will get there in the end!!!!! via snail post.........................
  • lorraine
    lorraine Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 404
    Saying that I had a reply finally from AAT saying that there was a problem and that they have sorted it, So I didn't post my letter in the end, and have managed to do it on line yiipppeeeee
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