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Well you wake up and what do you find? That some cheeky b******s have burgled your home during the night whilst you have been upstairs (and mother in law in the front room due to disability) what a bloody cheek!

They have had 3 sets of keys including 2 x front and back door key, keys to the 2 x vans though the actual vehicles wernt stolen though they had my car away along with my purse bank cards credit card driving license and nearly Β£400 quid in cash! Its such a palavar having to sort it all out.....dreading my phone bill!

Every slight noise im jumping out of my skin! Not great timing when i start a new job next week and study!

Anyway thought i would share that with you :cursing:


  • Gem7321
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    I'm sorry Kelly, that's awful. I was burgled recently too and I know how vulnerable it makes you feel (especially when you're 9 months pregnant!)

    Have the police been able to do anything?
  • kellyriddell
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    Well we had forensics round and they got no fingerprints as they used gloves....though they couldnt find any footprints which the thought was weird.....thankfully the muppets tried to use my credit card at a local atm.....they thought my pin number was in my purse when in fact it was my aunties lol so they are hopin g that they will be able to get some photographic evidence from the atm....though not holding out much hope for my car i bet its a burnt ut shell atm.

    im so tired yet so scared to go to bed later incase they come back the later its getting the worse im feeling it makes me feel physically sick. we dont think that they have been upstairs as nothing was taken though it freaks me out to thik they could have seen me in bed. its awful.
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    I was burgled many years ago when I lived in Reading, I was out at the time but still felt scared and paranoid for quite a while after. I can barely imagine what it must be like if you're actually in the house when it happens. Hopefully they'll catch the bastards.
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    Kelly so sorry to hear about your burglary. Haven't had the experience myself touch wood, but when my brother lived up north it was a monthly occurrence. So I understand what a horrible experience it can be. Once they even stole his dog!!

    Glad you and your MIL are ok though
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    sorry to hear about your burglary kelly, am glad to hear that you and your MIL are both ok, I hope they catch the people who did this to you and string them up by there balls.
  • kellyriddell
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    Yeah so do I!! The police rang late last night to say they had found my carstill in one place.....they had left it left it about 2 mins away from my house....makes me a bit more nervous knowing that it was so close to home if that is where they live, but hopefully they should get somne dna evidence off my car, though as soon as i get it back im selling it. Dont know whether that is daft or not but I wouldnt feel comfortable in it, same with my handbag - its not cheap but some buggars have rifled through it and dont feel like it is mine anymore!
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    Sorry to hear about that Kelly. I haven't had anything happen like that to me touch wood, so couldn't imagine how it feels. I think its a good idea what you said about selling your car and even your handbag...Dirty bastards...you can't seem to have anything decent anymore. Hopefully the police will catch 'em. Have you tried asking any of the neighbours ?
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    hi kelly really sorry to hear about your burgalry, it happened recently to us, hope you get your things back. on our estate a bloke wants to start a security firm charging 1.50 per week per house for him to patrol the estate, I dont know about this it seems like one down from a protection racket.
  • kellyriddell
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    Yeah spoke to the neighbours they heard nor saw anything. Advised them to be careful though. Forensics seem to think they knew exactly what they were dong and were most probably junkies looking to fund their next fix. Makes me feel sick just thinking what they couldve done in the kitchen and my car.....if i could build a new kitchen I would do!!!
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    Yeah spoke to the neighbours they heard nor saw anything. Advised them to be careful though. Forensics seem to think they knew exactly what they were dong and were most probably junkies looking to fund their next fix. Makes me feel sick just thinking what they couldve done in the kitchen and my car.....if i could build a new kitchen I would do!!!

    Try not to let it get to you too much, insurance should cover the cost, or at least most of. And get the car valeted? Might make it feel ok again.

    Does make you feel like getting a big dog!
  • kellyriddell
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    Well we dont have contents insurance it was one of the things that you put on the list a couple of weeks ago and wish youd done it there and then.....my partner is valeter/paint correction/detailer so he could make it look brand spanking for me but I think I would rather sell it....I just wouldnt feel comfortable being in it and would rather get a car I am happy with - sell it getting some extra cash next month and buy a gorgeous new used car lol
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    My sympathys are with you, a few years ago, my daughter and I were watching television and I heard a noise and thinking it was the cat I got up and walked to my kitchen and saw a young man in my Kitchen, I presume to grab what he could and leg it, sadly he did not antisipate me walking in on him. I screamed like you cannot imagine and he ran off. The police were wonderful and caught him with in hours and we went to court. I had to do an ID parade etc, etc. Got to court as all a long he denied being in the area and he changed his mind to guilty at the last minute, which I am pleased about as I did not fancy standing up in court giving evidence

    Funny thing was not even my dog heard him come in and only growled and barked when the police turned up.

    Its a horrible thing and you feel violated and something I would not want to go through again. But glad I did as hoepfully no one else would have to go through what I went through. I did get a free ride in a police car at high speed with blue lights going.
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    soory to hear that Kelly . touch wood its never happened directly to myself , but happened at my mums when i was living at home and even then i thought it was bad enough......think it worse trying to think of everything that was in the house.....small things that you might have forgotten about but they might think is worth something ?
  • Buff
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    I hvae just read this topic and i'm really sorry you have had to endure the trauma of having someone in your house without your knwledge rifling through your personal things - i don't know how it feels touch wood and can only imagine.

    Bummer about the contents insurance :-( ... check your bank account, there may be some added benefits that'll help meet the cost of some of your contents, some of the other things like changing locks.

    I have had my car broken into twice, though they couldn't start it. Both times a friend fixed the damage for free so there was no ereal expense, though just knowign someone was in my car was enough to sell it.

    A few friends have caught the scummy bastards in the act in their homes and were too scared about the outcome of any civil action against them should they "dish out their own punishment" and in one case, 2 brothers were arrested and questioned for hours on end after beating one intruder to a pulp... i must say, if confronted with a scrote in my house - I would reign blow after blow onto his scummy head and proudly tell the police I did it... I have 2 small children, god help them!

    It's just a shame that A, the world has these type of people and B, the law seems to side with the wrongdoer.

    I hope in your case the police can catch these "brits" :-(
  • Andypandy
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    So sorry Kelly - I've been through it myself a few times. Most important thing to do now is getting all the locks changed (don't know if your car insurance will partly cover you for that). I installed a dummy CCTV for about Β£7 & it seems to help; at least the alarms not going off so often when they try & have a go at my windows. A youth was killed around the corner from me a few months ago when he burgled the house of a night-shift worker, & there was a huge response of non-sympathy from the community. Take care.
  • kellyriddell
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    Yeah that was one of the first things we did getting the locks changed looking into cctv and an alarm now just for peace of mind I am now fantical about locking everything!!

    The police found my car Saturday night not too far from me though they dont have the keys - I have to go to peugot and produce my logbook and photo ID (which the buggars took) and get the locks fitted and ecu re configurated at there unit but forensics wont release it until they have examined it! If I just get a key made, once the forensics have done I then have to get it home and make it safe there and then otherwise my insurance is invalid and the buggars could still get into my car and nick it again.

    Licence - Β£20.00, new locking system and ignition barrell along with ecu Β£390, and recovery Β£150.00.grand total Β£560.00. If i go through my insurance i will have to pay 250 and the 150 recovery as the insurance doesnt cover that plus my premium will then sky rocket next year (just to be named driver on a ka wouldve cost me Β£1000.00 - pathetic!). O yeah and I dont have that kind of money to spare!

    Me and my partner have sat down and tried to work this out - we have decided there has to be a way around it, we just cant think what it is! Any ideas welcome!

    By the way just want to say a big thanks for your comments nice to have somewhere to air my troubles and not be judged lol.

    Rant over!

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