Missing P60 Information

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My client has mislaid two P60s/P45s from previous employments during the year. For some reason or another HMRC don't have the information on tax paid. My client is now in the RAF and unable to search for missing information. Can I work out the tax that should have been paid and enter that on the employment pages? What would you do?


  • deanshepherd
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    Firstly, I would get your client to contact his previous employers and ask for a note of the gross pay and tax figures.

    Then I would contact HMRC again and advise them that the P45 and P60 would have been submitted by the employers so they can go and locate those figures from the employers record even if the computer has not translated it across to your clients SA record.

    If that still doesn't shed any light then, yes, I would submit the tax return with what I think the figures should have been.

    I am sure HMRC will then miraculously discover the correct figures on their system and advise you of the amendment to the return!
  • T.C.
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    My client split with her partner 2 years ago with no paperwork! She did not complete tax returns in that time. She is now in the RAF. She did speak to the former employers but they were very helpful. In the end I have just submitted the two late returns 07 and 08, in the hope that HMRC will "miraculously discover" the figures as you say. I am sure it is all on her file, but when I spoke with them I think it was one of their "off days". Let's see what they come back with.
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