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I was looking at using eagle for home learning (for intermediate aat) but i noticed a bit where it states that you need someone to supervise your simulations.

As I am unemployed at the moment does that mean i can't do home learning at all? Can you sit your simulations only at a college, if you can i assume they charge you for this?

would really appreciate any advice. (also i did do a search and google but couldn't find an answer)


  • mikes
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    What it means is that you need someone, such as a librarian, job club official, learning direct centre or any professional who is bound by ethical guidelines etc, for Eagle to send the simulations to. The person does not need to be with you all the time, just to let you do it in a quiet room and confirm that you didnt have access to any notes etc. At the end they will collect the paper and send it back to Eagle for them to mark and give you the feedback.

    Eagle will be able to give you a full list of suitable people, who they accept as supervisors. This applies to all other distant learning providers.
  • butters
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    thanks for your reply mikes.

    so basically unless you know someone who fits their criteria and has enough spare time and a spare room you can't do distant learning?

    Can I get a local college to do this for me? anyone know how much they would charge?

    thanks in advance
  • mikes
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    The person doesnt need to be with you all the time. Just at the start to give you the papers and at the end, to collect it and send it off. They can go about their normal duties during that time.

    You could even do it in the normal study area of a Library, that should be quiet enough.

    You could ask your local college, i dont know how much they charge, that can vary between different places, although a public library will be a lot cheaper.
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    Sounds like a Learn Direct Centre maybe your best option as it is in there interests to help you. Even if there is a fee, I imagine it should be minimal. Have you asked Eagle about this? They may have had other people in your area in the sam situation.

    Is there any possibilty of obtaining funding for your local college?

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    I recommend Eagle based on the satisfaction of students I have met.

    Before every set of exams I spend 4 or 5 weekends running revision sessions, so I have contact with several hundred students twice a year. From what these students have told me and told one another, Eagle are thorough and professional.
    I'm sure that in the past they have had students in the same position as yours. I'm also sure that if you ring your local library they will be able to provide a suitable quiet spot and support your own statements about the work being your own and unaided.
    Ask for Sonya Ashbarry at Eagle.
    [email protected]
  • butters
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    hi thanks for all your advice, i think i was rushing to the wrong conclusions - will check with my local library and ring eagle as well to see what they say, thank again and i will update this thread as and when :)
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