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i have just received all the books etc that i need to start the course but am struggling where to start anyone know i good place to begin and which units follow on best. i have estimated i have about 10 hours a week to study and so would there be much point in me aiming for exams yet. thanks tom


  • KVeevers
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    with how are you studying with

  • Andypandy
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    If you're using the Osbourne books just start at the beginning & it'll all fall into place. Good luck!
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    I am studying with premier training and I have started with unit 5. That is what my course providers have set me as the first unit to study. Then I think after that it goes on to costing. I only study for about 5 to 6 hours a week and am planning to take the exam in december. I understand that there are two papers for the exam but it should be ok to complete the study in time. It actually looks worse than it is as there are actually a few simulations that have to be done for advanced certificate but I have been advised that I can do these after I have done the exam at Christmas. I think in the timetable I've been set I am due to do these next march.
  • tkanauros
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    thanks everyone for the help. i am actually doing my course at home through the home learning college and therefore its flexabke which isnt always the best thing as a starting point would be good. think unit 5 sound logical therefore can aim to go for the exam in Dec when can or should u register for this.

    thanks again
  • sharonj
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    you can register on the AAT website, think you'll be able to register in September some time. I think the exams are either the end of November or beginning of December.
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