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Evening all,

I do the bookkeeping for one of my clients who is a hairdressers' salon - I bill him £220 per month for a weekly bookkeeping service.

I've progressed the relationship with him now and suggested that given the recession and recently opened competition nearby, he needs to be more in control of his cash and improve profitability. I have offered to do this work at an increased fee, after a couple of months free to see if he thinks it's worth the money.

Assuming this will take me around 6-7 hours per month, normally this would cost him £180-£210 at my normal hourly rate of £30 for this type of work (I'm a full time financial controller and only work for a few clients). I'm certain that he can't afford this much though so I was hoping some of you might fancy quoting this too, taking the different bits into account?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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