Any tutors who can advise on this - URGENT!!

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I am presently doing the unit 10 project by correspondence and have been given some points to rectify by my BPP tutor. The email I received has a message at the bottom saying all top ups need to be returned by 30.07.2009 but it isn't clear whether this relates to the unit 10, can anybody clarify please? I have put a lot of effort in to this and just want to make sure that if I do not amend the points by tomorrow I will not be penalised?? Can anybody clarify?? Many thanks.......


  • SandyHood
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    If you reply to your tutor you are likely to get the right answer.
    I can guess, but there is no reason why someone who is not your tutor should know the right answer.
    My guess is related to our own students and the publication of results.
    AAT have a final date by which all results must have been submitted and internally verified. We then work back to allow verification and marking time. Our own date then will say something along the lines that if the work is submitted by a given date (and meets the pass criteria) we can have it marked and verified in time to submit to AAT so that it can be included with exam results sent out on 17th August.

    It is also possible that the date is the last date within your course. If you miss that date you may be required to sign up and pay for the next course.

    As my first point states, you will only know what your tutor means, if you ask him/her.
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    Thanks Sandy, I had a feeling about that but I have never been advised re a cut off point until very recently and previously I had a different tutor who held my work for approximately 8 weeks without getting back to me so I do not want to penalised for something that is not my fault. I emailed my new tutor but received out of office but should hopefully get an answer tomorrow. Thank you for the advice.
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