S419 Recovery nightmare

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Hi - I would be really grateful if somebody could give me a janet and john summary of what I have to do to recover £1K which was paid because a directors loan was outstanding greater than 9 months.

I have been in circles with the help desk and have almost abandoned hope.

My understanding is that I have to go back to the return that the loan was made (not the year it is being recovered in) and use the supplementary pages 600A.

Therefore the loan was made in 2007 and paid > 9 months in 2008.

Therfore I am back in the CT return for 2007 :

Select the box if the loan was made in the return period - Yes (because it was made in 2007)

End date of accounting period in which the loan was repaid, released or written off : 31/12/08 (it was paid off in Dec 2008)

The date displayed will be 9 months after the end of the accounting period above : 30-09-2009

Date you are sending in the Company Tax Return for the period in which the loan was made - 28/09/2008 (which was when the return for 2007 was originally sent)

I need to get to Part 3 - but something about the above is preventing me.

I used to enjoy Friday afternoons !!

MAny thanks for any help.


  • deanshepherd
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    I usually just send a separate claim to HMRC with a request for the return of the S.419 tax paid.

    I wouldn't go back and re-submit a previous CT600A.
  • Sevren
    Sevren Registered Posts: 101 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Many thanks Dean - this may be the way forward !
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