someone pls help me....

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:confused1: i left with one skill paper in diploma stage (Managing system and people) so is it possible for me to register for ACCA? do i get any exemptions? someone pls help me, its urgent.


  • r30hul
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    Sorry you hve to complete it all to receive exemptions!!!

    I am jst completing my Unit 10 project crib sheet, to get his marked this week to get my exemptions for ACCA!

    You can enrol onto the ACCA but you jst wont get exemptions!:crying:
  • Lele
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    thought I would join you people...
    sat my intermediate exams back in June, hoping for the best ... but to be honest I am already getting psychically ready for the re-sits in December. Let's blame it on the structure and wording of the exam papers - partially lol
    Have to also re-sit my skills tests in August plus to do another skills test for a different unit. I work full-time so I don't know where the hell I get the time to do some revising!
    it sux...
  • alicemaylara
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    Hey all,
    I did my last set of exams in June but didnt get all my units done before the 20th July.....I have my last unit to do which will be finished by the 15th August so i only just missed the deadline, so annoying!
    Anyway I decided to enroll with ACCA anyway and im going to do the tuition in September even though i cant do the exams until June 2010. I just hope i dont forget the tuition when it comes to the exam!
  • sdv
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    Hi Lele

    I must say a lot of DFS student who think that they have failed their exam have been assusred by the well experienced tutors (contributing on this forum) that in all probabilty they will have passed, and they are just worried for nothing.

    BUT if you are really convinced that you have faied your June exams then why don't you approch your college and set up to take an on-line exams (FRA and or ECR) at any time. But I would advise that book the exam after 18th of August when you will have the outcome of your June exams. If you have passed then you don not need to take the exams and save the exam fees, but if you need to re-take the exams, you don't have to wait until December.

    As you are revising for for skill tests, why not kill two birds with one stone?

    Time problem solved!
  • messedup89
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    Lele wrote: »
    thought I would join you people...
    I work full-time so I don't know where the hell I get the time to do some revising!
    it sux...

    I think most people work full time. Its hard to cope but you manage. Some peoples employers give them paid study leave (lucky). You just gotta do wat u can and dont take too much on at once:thumbup:
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