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I did my last exams on Technician level Dec08 and finished Unit10 in June. I received a letter from BPP last week to say that my poject has been signed off and I also have a signed Unit 10 record.
I want to take my first ACCA exams in December but I'm a bit worried I will miss the deadline for registration with ACCA. I mean I have already registered but I haven't sent anything off yet because I don't have my technician certificate yet. I know there are special arrangements between AAT and ACCA for those who did their exams in June but as I didn't sit any exams in June, it does not apply to me.
Does anyone know when I am likely to receive my certificate or am I ok to just send them signed records for all technician units and later follow up with a certificate?

thank you


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    ACCA will accept your statement of achievement from AAT, if you ring AAT they will fax it to you and you can use it to claim your exemptions.

    If you ask them nicely they may even fax it to ACCA for you but you will need to give them your ACCA registration number
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    Check the dates on the ACCA website - you need to be registered as a student by 15TH AUGUST to be able to take December exams and get your application for exemptions in by a later - though i'm not sure what that date is.

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