Final Demand Letter

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I am drafting a FINAL DEMAND letter for an overdue account.

Part of it states:-

"We must ask that payment be received within the next 7 DAYS after which we will have no further option than to commence LEGAL PROCEEDINGS for recovery of the debt. You will then, be liable for all fees, costs and interest that are incurred thereafter."

Has anyone any better suggestions at all?



  • Pinkjo
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    We use the following template:

    Account No:

    Amount Outstanding: Β£

    Despite previous applications for the immediate settlement of your overdue account the debt remains unpaid.

    Take notice that if full payment is not received by return first class mail we shall, without further notice, take legal action to recover the debt, all costs and interest to be borne by you.

    This is our final communication on the issue.

    Yours faithfully

    Hope that helps!
  • Yazi
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    Thanks Pinkjo
  • AK002
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    Send Mark round..
  • columbia
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    Sounds great Yazi

    As an add on if they don't pay on time, we used to use the local online court services. You type in the details and they threaten court proceeding will commence if payment not received within a set time. Then all you do is update it if they don't pay and the court deals with it, charging them an admin fee.

    Much easier than having to travel to the courts to fill out paperwork. Extreme, but very effective!
  • Pinkjo
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    Is that Money Claim Online?
  • PGM
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    Some legal companies will send out letters very very cheaply. We've used an online one, forget name and price, but possibly better speeding things along and using one of those?
  • blobbyh
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    AK002 wrote: Β»
    Send Mark round..

    Mark's a wuss, send me round instead. When I worked at the windows place a couple of years ago, I used to turn up at peoples houses, in the evening, wearing dark sunglasses and asking for the money. One bloke thought he couldn't be traced until I called him and asked where he lived. The idiot told me he was so worried, dumbass. Didn't work in the end though as we still went belly up...
  • columbia
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    (sorry I don't know how to do a quote)...

    Yes it is money claim online.
  • Yestin
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    We use Thomas Higgins...about Β£2.60 per letter and it gets the job done.
  • Yazi
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    Thanks for all your replies...

    Robert : I will send you the address and you can go round there.....I think that will definitely make them pay.....
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