NVQ4 or Diploma?

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I have just completed NVQ3/Intermediate at college.

I am now trying to decide how to distance learn the next level, NVQ is usually more appropriate for those already working in a financial role but at the moment I am not employed in such a role so I am thinking that the Diploma is probably the best.

Would it be strange or a problem if I end up with a combination of the two different pathways, being NVQ3/Intermediate and Diploma rather than NVQ3 & 4 or Advanced & Diploma?

Any recommendations on who to go for, BPP, Kaplan or...............?


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    i work in practise but am doing deploma route
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    Check out the options

    It doesn't really matter which route you do at level 4 with regards to where/if you are employed.

    I'd check out the course structure for both to help you make a decision.

    For example, the diploma route combines units 8 and 9 into one exam.

    But on the diploma route you have to take a tax exam whereas on the NVQ route you can avoid this if prefer simulations.

    It's a personal choice.

    Download the AAT student guide to take a look at the topics and assessment methods.

    A good DL provider will also be willing to talk through the options with you to help you make an informed choice.

    There are lots of threads about different DL providers. Check them out.
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