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Hi everyone, 2 quick questions really,

1) Can you have a job with techinician and ONLY study in the evenings. I.e. have no days of work (5 days - 9 til 5) and still do technician?

2) Is it REALLY necessary to have a job in conjunction with technician


  • Yestin
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    I work 09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and did the DFS and MAC exams in December 08 and passed, I have just done the BTC exam June gone by too and hopfuly I passed and that would bee all AAT exams home studay.

    IT IS POSSIBLE!!! GO FOR IT!!!:thumbup1:
  • Chris023
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    Hi Eplosive.

    Fingers crossed I would have passed this August after a year's study.....

    In answer to your questions:

    1) Yes I have a 5 day week 9-5 job and I went to college twice in the evening per week. As do a hell of a lot of people doing the AAT. I did not put in much extra work apart from the Unit 10 project and revising for the exams. It can be done, everyone is different though and some people will need to put in less or more hours depending on how quickly they can grasp the subject

    2) No, you don't have to have a job with Technician. There were a few people on my course who were not currently working and had little experience in accounts and they were fine. Of course an accounts job does help as you can relate some of the theory elements to your work. Unit 10 (the 4,000 report) can be done as a simulation/case study rather than work based.
  • Xplosive
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    I love this forum! Thank you both very much,

    im feeling alot more confident about the coming months now :thumbup1:
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