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i have recently started unit 31.i have never attempted any simulations .. and so i am totally confused on its assessments.
1. should section1 and 2 be taken up on the same day? if so what is the total duration for sec1 and 2?
2.sec 3 is to b submitted within 1 month after finishing 1 and 2.RIGHT?
3.does both 1 and 2 sections consists of computer workouts and spreadsheets ?or is it any one section specifically?

in general,could anyone clarify me on unit 31 assessments please!


  • mini_schnauzer
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    Simulations for unit 31 is as follows:
    3 Hours for Part 1 Supplying and presenting Financial Data (Excel)
    3 Hours for Part 2 - Sage accounts
    1 month for Part 3 from date you are given it (majority of it to be presented via Word, and presented in a folder)

    I am currently awaiting resents of the simulation - should have them tomorrow!
    Part 2 took me only 1 hour - but then I use SAGE constantly at work.
    Part 1 took over 2 hours as I was being careful to make sure all was ok.
    Part 3 took me 1 week - fitting in each afternoon/eveing small pieces. You are allowed access to books etc for this part.

    Who are you studying with?
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    My understanding of unit 31 is that it comprises of 3 parts corresponding to

    unit 7 Reports and Retures - AAT Intermediate NVQ route
    Unit 21 - IT - working with computers BUT on SAGE- other software not allowed
    unit 22 - Health and Safety - a simulation or worked based.- But for Diploma it is a simulation

    Reports and returns is a 3hrs simulation mainly conststing of VAT, vat returns and vat rule and regulations, predenting data, loan appication forms ect

    IT - is a 3hrs simulation based on Sage. - open company in sage, add customers and suppliers accounts, post invoices and credit notes, pay creditors and post receipts from debtors, post petty cash expenses, post nominal expenses paid by cheqes and then produce reports based on the above

    the above two simulations can be done on separate days but generally the Distance Learner providers get them done on the same day (morining/afternoon) at least that is how it is done in our college.

    Health and Safety units is an assignment that a student takes away and MUST submitt that within the agreed time (normally 30 days)
  • Durga
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    thank u

    thank u mini schnauzer and sdv.
    i am bit confident on its assessents now.
    i am a distance learner of kaplan (diploma pathway).
    hope i would b more confident when i start practising.
    thank u again....

    all the best mini schnauzer for ur results!:thumbup1:
  • mini_schnauzer
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    Just got them - passed all 3 papers!!
    On to Ethics now (unit 32).
  • Durga
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    cool !!!!
    hearty congratulations!!!!

    are u a distance learner?
    currently doing which level of AAT or finished AAT?

    did u practise any model simulations before taking up for unit 31?
    suggest me some books or papers by which can i practise my simulations?
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    Help!!!!! I'm tearing my hair out.

    I'm glad everyone is doing so well with Unit 31. I for one can't seem to get my head around Index Factors. I think I've just about got it when I see a question rephrased differently and just can't understand it. Has anyone any advice please.:confused1:

    The question gives me an unadjusted total in £000 from Jan to Dec and Industrial Index: base=100 also showing a different one for Jan to Dec. It then says calcluate the index value for the monthly sales in Dec terms. (inflating the earlier month's sales).

    There is a space for an Index factor?

    Am I right in thinking the calculation is as follows:

    Divide unadjusted total by its own index and multiply by Dec index

    But then what will be the Index Factor? I am so baffled especially with the Industrial Index showing "base=100" Do I need this?
  • mini_schnauzer
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    Hi Durga

    I'm using Kaplan (diploma route) distant learning - same as you.
    Just used the study text/workbook that comes with the unit and submitted the progress test and test simulation before sitting the live simulation.
    I have the study text and pocket notes now available for sale (new 2009/2010 edition) - but you probably have these if you are with Kaplan.
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