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I am a bookeeper qualified through experience (all in south africa - but hey accounting principles are actually the same all over)but am struggling to get a job. Probably due to my age (54 years) although still a good 10 years left in me, if not more , if the pensionable age is extended to 70. Also the fact that my experience is South African seems to be a distinct disadvantage. Is anyone prepared to comment whether by studying now at this late stage for AAT intermediate will help me in my quest to get that job - I feel I need some return on my efforts/money if I was to embark on this course.
Thanks so much


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    You have nothing to lose (apart from the cost of the studying). With your experience you should be able to sale through the Intermediate/Advanced Certificate level.
    A good time to start as you can get the simulations done over the next couple of months and it will give you time to study ahead of the exams in December for Unit 5 and 6.
    Go for it.
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