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Apologies in advance for something that I am sure is a regular question, but in some respects I am in a bit of a unique situation.

I came into the family business doing accounts 3 years ago with no accounts knowledge as my mum who had been doing it previously (with no accounts qualifications) had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Within 6 months of me knowing the day to day stuff, she died and I just had to get on with it which is when I decided to do AAT.

I have now completed Level 2 and 3, and at the end of the level 3 my dad then died of cancer (who I had been nursing for the previous 6 months, on top of working, doing AAT 2 and 3 and running round after hubby and 2 kids) So not only now do I part own the company and am one of 3 directors (one being hubby and the other one of my brothers)

I am currently doing 2 and 3 in Payroll (for no particular reason other than if the computer system packs up and I need to do it manually then I can), and have just signed up for level 4 over 1 year starting in September.

So the question is ..... once I have completed this lot, then what next. Realistically I don't 'need' anymore qualifications for work and I dont need it for career progression as Ive already got the job. I would quite like to be able to do the end of year myself (which I assume is possible after NVQ4) and save on the accountancy fees but other than that I have no clue what to do next.

Thanks in advance



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    Firstly sorry to hear about both your mum and dad, seems you got dealt a pretty evil hand!

    If you are not planing on doing this as a career then i'd say completing AAT is enough (if you feel confident doing the work)

    & good on you for not just giving up.. i know i would have!
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    It's really now just to prove a point, Dad always said it wasn't that I didn't have the ability, I just didn't have the "stickability" to finish anything. Plus I have got the bug for studying (it only took me until I was 37!)

    Thanks for replying!
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