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Hi there
I have just purchased QuickBooks Pro 2008. I received a sales call saying for an extra £20-something a month I can join their plan that entitles me to free upgrades. (I would have to send back the software I just purchased and they would send me another one, which is a bit freaky! But I digress...)

Does anyone with experience with QuickBooks think this is a good deal, or should I just keep the version I have for the next three years or so and then just buy the next one, once I run into problems? Also how often do they do upgrades? I think the last one prior to 2008 was 2006, so if it's really every *other* year instead of every year, it seems more cost effective to just upgrade as needed.

Advice welcome!


  • deanshepherd
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    Does it need upgrading?

    If it works, it works.

    I havn't upgraded mine in a long time and I have no intention of doing so either.
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    As Dean says, there's often no need to upgrade as soon as a new release comes out, but it does depend on what your clients are using. I would have been happy to stick with QBs 2006 (and still use it for clients who still have it either because they don't want to pay to upgrade, or they use the multi-currency function which vanished in 2008) but new clients were buying the 2008 version so it made sense to have that too. As with any new software there were a few bugs to start with so it's better to wait a few months before upgrading anyway.
    What you should enquire about though is the 'professional advisers' scheme, which (pre the May price shake-up) cost me £400 for the year & included a full accountant's version of QBs 2008 with payroll and a copy of QBs pro which I sold for about £200. That entitles me to any upgrades during the year and access to their helpline and 25% discount on anything extra i buy. As I say, I know that they changed their product range and pricing in May so the professional adviser thing may have changed too, but it's worth looking into.
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