Unit 17 - Auditing

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Has anyone sat the auditing exam? Just wanted to know if the actual exam follows the same format as the mock exam or are they completely different? I only have access to 2 past exams papers that are on the back of my BPP book as there are non on the AAT website. Trying to get aq picture of what type of questions regularly come up.

If any one can help with this, this would be great.



  • Holly P
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    I can scan a couple in for you with answers tomorrow if that helps? Send a blank email to my hotmail account - [email protected].

    Maybe in return you could help me with my question on audit notes? Its the post under yours
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    Unit 17 is only tested by Simulation - I'm sure you'll find there isn't an exam, which is why you can't find anything on the AAT website!

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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    Hi Holly

    I will email you shortly with the Purchases Cycle.

    Hi Anna,

    Sorry, that's what I meant - it is a skills test.

    Before AAT did their new website there used to be a section on simulations which had past tests on it. I used this for skills tests I have already done.

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