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Is anyone able to answer a query for me?

I'm doing the distant learning course through kaplan and really not getting anywhere with the advice their giving me...

I did the first 4 units no problems but when i came to units 21, 22 & 23 i had to ring up for advice of what they actually wanted me to produce.

The first 3-4 phone calls no one really explained it properly ( i still havent got a clue what a "range statement" is ) so i wasted 2 weeks getting loads of documents from my work which weren't neccessary. I finally got one of the tutors who advised that in the pack they sent out was a booklet for each unit called "WBE guidelines". they contained questions which if you answer correctly will cover all the evidence you need to pass ( why didnt any of the other people know this!? :mad2: ).

Thought this was great and spent the last week working through the packs and nearly finished them. However i've got a problem with one of the questions.

It asks "who do you agree these needs with and how?" the preceeding questions are talking about personal career goals so can only assume this one is doing the same, so, the answer would be myself? - which makes it a pretty pointless question.

am i reading this wrong? i just rang the distant learning for advice and they start talking about the evidence need and range statements again. very fustrating.


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    oops posted in wrong section - please ignore.
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