Fitwell Ltd Unit 6

this paper that comes in 2 parts, the 1st section looks too easy for my liking but i think ive done it all right.

Am confused on how to set out the 2nd part of the paper where i need to price up the cost of the job. Do i need to know the yearly budget costs on that question?


  • beavis182
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    ok well basically it states to calculate the cost of job XYZ123.

    It gives direct materials, direct wages. Then it goes on to show budget for the year. Then fixed overheads of:-

    Total budgeted direct labour hours
    Total budgeted expenditure

    Not sure if anyone has done this question before but i calculated the cost of the job to be £17613? but im not sure if this is correct as i havent done anything with total overheads and labour budgets for the year
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