Simulation templates

Probably a silly question but with all the papers i have done so far i have done them in Microsoft excel so it looks neat etc. Am just about to start Branson & Co and then Tidy Ltd and wondered if the templates can be downloaded in excel so can type the work straight in rather than hand write it all on the templates?

(basically my hand writing in shocking and looks much better if done on computer) :001_tongue:


  • mikes
    mikes Registered Posts: 254
    I don't know about downloading them into excel. I just type out the answers instead and send that in. My training provider (Premier) dont need the questions, just the front sheet.

    I'm the same with my handwritting, tends to get worse, the more i rush things.
  • beavis182
    beavis182 Registered Posts: 130 ? ? ?
    ahh thats good as im with Premier as well. Trouble is if i start it 1 day then come back to it another day, trying to read my writing i just get totally lost.

    Ok will just type out the answers on excel and post it like that.
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