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i was just wondering with a week left till the results, i personally believe i have passed the ECR exam but failed the FRA exam so for December will i need to retake both or just the FRA exam???

Also will i need to re-do the stimulations again though i passed both that i took??



  • mikes
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    If the worst were to happen then, you will only have to do the FRA, all the others that you have passed are done.

    I'm hoping that you will have passed this as well.

    Best of luck.
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    mikes wrote: »
    If the worst were to happen then, you will only have to do the FRA, all the others that you have passed are done.

    I'm hoping that you will have passed this as well.

    Best of luck.

    Thanks but that FRA exam was very badly written, even a 5 year old could do better.

    Would be shocked if i passed both but thanks mate:thumbup:
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    I found the FRA exam was written exactly the same as previous past papers, so if they were looked over during studying/revision it shouldn't have been too much of a problem..

    as for your initial query, you will only have to resit the failed exam. Your college may have the facilities to allow you to sit the exam on a computer before december.. I'd investiage that with your college/where you sat the exam and see.

    Good luck.
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    FRA Exam poss resit

    I am in exactly the same boat and I think the person who 'implied' before that if you practiced the prior year papers then it would be easy is I think in the minority as I used reams of paper on those and still think I failed.
    I voiced my concerns to a tutor who told me that we may not have to wait until December. There is a possibility of resitting the exam online in August.
    Now- don't get your hopes up because I don't know how true this is. I have though emailed AAT to find out today. My boss paid for the course and I feel they're breathing down my neck!!
  • troy
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    Yes, in September AAT are allowing students of foundation and Intermediate level to do it on line and you get an instant result. Our local college is then allowing those that do this, start the Technician level in the September, but this may depend on your college.

    Don't worry too much about failing, as the exam is judged on if you were able to prove competance and not if you got all your questions exactly right.

    Good luck

  • beaneygirl
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    I really hope that my College will allow me to do the same. Perhaps I'll email the tutors...if they're not sick of my pestering already!!
  • aj7861
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    have to wait and see what my tutor's say but with me only 18 i got time on my hands and don't mind waiting till december, understand FRA properly and then next september start the final level but i really need to find a account's job, no previous experience unlike some of the members here is a major problem in my leaning sadly but got to stay positive and optimistic!
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    Thanks for the info Troy, you've cheered me up no end! Just took a look at the FRA answers & I messed up just because of not reading 'cost of sales' on the trial balance. My tutors aren't back from their 2 month annual leave untill Monday & nobody's allowed to enrol without their results.I was thinking that I'd have to waste a whole year just taking the FRA resit in December. Wishing all of you the very best of luck.x
  • oh confused one
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    I think - despite the assessors report - that the question regarding closing stock was very badly put - perhaps had they said "the closing stock in not known" rather than not YET known people would have felt happier - it was quite ambiguous and especially in exam conditions when stress plays a part.

    I feel i probably passed the ECR and maybe literally "scraped" in with the FRA but if not aim to resit it on line in a week or so then I can register with college. Alas we are in a predicament as our college isn't offering the Technician level so I have to start at a new college :thumbdown:
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