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Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you had heard of these people?
My brother is in the process of setting up an online business and is being helped by an american company who are giving him business advice and training.
The tax club have somehow picked up on this called him and tried to get him to sign up with them to do his accounts and set him up as a LLC or SCorp in the US???!!!
Firstly I don't understand why they are registering him in the us when he lives in UK and secondly can they really provide a full accounts and tax service from the USA??
I have advised him to cancel any dealings he may have had with them but was wondering if anybody else here had heard of this company or had any dealings with them?


  • Craig_G
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    If you Google "The Tax Club" +scam it makes interesting — and worrying — reading.

    Upon viewing some of the articles resulting from this Google search, I'm wondering if the American company that is offering your brother business advice and training are actually associates of The Tax Club.

    I suggest that your brother considers doing some due diligence on the people that he's dealing with.

    Surely there's no way that a British small-business owner would want a US-based tax adviser? I can't think of any possible advantage.
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