Very late vat registration

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I have a new client who is a soletrader and has two businesses one is cleaning and the other is building.

In May 2008 he went over the vat threshold in the cleaning business. I know he will have to go vat registered with the cleaning business and it will have to be back dated and he claim for fixed assets that were acquired three years prior to registration if they are still in the business.

What I would like someone to help me with is the following:-

Will he be vat registered from the 01/06/08 or the 01/07/08?

Will he also have to go vat registered with the building business as well because he is a soletrader or will it be treated as a seperate entity?

Any other views/comments would also be appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance



  • deanshepherd
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    Sounds like he is up the creek without a paddle.

    If his combined turnover went over the limit in May 2008 then he would be registered with effect from 1st July. As a sole-trader both turnovers need to be considered so he may well have gone over the threshold even earlier than that.
  • claire
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    Thanks Dean.

    Thought it might be both but was not 100%. Yes, he would have been over the threshold even earlier.
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