Forgotten everything!!

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I would like to pick the brains of you 'technicians'. I am awaiting results of ECR and FRA today and whilst i am reasonably confident of my results, since checking the assessors report and the answers i realise i have forgotten all i had learnt! :confused1:

I have signed up for Level 4 (Technician) and would like to know which topics i should refamiliarise myself with. We will be doing Personal Tax and DFS exams in December. Is DFS a continuation of what has already been learnt in FRA? Any advice will be gratefully accepted.

Good luck to everyone


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    Hi Sally,

    DFS is very much a continuation from FRA. Don't worry that you've forgotton everything. It all comes back to you. It's just that when you look at the past exam paper and assessors reports you go into a panic!
    I think it's best not to look at them until after we get the results.

    Good luck!!

  • Sally
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    Thank you for your response. I will get my FRA notes out again. Good luck to you too if you are awaiting results.
  • jpooley1988
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    DFS covers
    Joural Entries

    Preparing an Income statement and Balance Sheet. (Using International Standards rather than the normal standards you used in FRA)

    Consolodated Balance Sheets

    Occasionally an Extended Trial Balance but not really.

    Reconciliation of profit from operations to net cash from operating activities

    Cash Flow Reconcilliation


    Best thing to do, if you want early knowledge, is print off a couple of past exam papers with the anwers etc and work through them backwards with the answers! This is how i revise!

    Personally, I found DFS easier than FRA! Once you learn everything, its easy! It sounds like there is a hell of a lot too DFS, especially the first section, but honestly, you should know journals and how to prepare and i&e and b/s. Once you have cracked how to prepare a consolodated b/s and Cash flow rec its easy! Just a case of learning a few rules, which you follow! The only horrible thing which i think i have failed on is the learning the accounting standards and writing about the ratios! :/
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