computer based Retake HELP

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Failed the FRA, can some help me and give me companies who do the computer based resit and is it possible to resit in the next 2 weeks??:crying:


  • Daffodil1
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    If you are registerd with a college, you can probably resit their. Speak to your tutor who can advise you, I know our college is offering this not sure if they have completed all checks but you apparently can re sit before the next Year Starts, check with them to find out, the reason I know this is because I thought I may have to resit, fortunetly, I do not have to at this time. GOOD LUCK
  • flower
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    I have rang Kaplin and they are doing them at start of Sept. My college not offering until October. Not sure how they set pass mark though if you get result straight away.
    Get the feeling that they are looking for 100% pass mark. Does Anyone know.
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