Osborne Book - Unit 10 For Sale Anyone???

bambilicious Registered Posts: 43 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi All,

I have used a whole heap of text books ranging from BPP to Kaplan - But for some reason never thought of the Osborne book....

Does anyone have a copy of the osborne book for unit 10 they are willing to sell me?? If so then how much?? :thumbup:


  • koda
    koda Registered Posts: 52 Regular contributor ⭐

    Are you still looking for a copy of the unit 10 osbourne book? I have a copy for sale if you did want one... very good condition but may have a few pencil notes here and there, very few though... :001_smile:
  • System
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    Unit 10 book for sale

    hello there,

    i have this one too if you're still looking?

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