Well Done everyone who passed!

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    Hi i was totally gobsmacked when i found I had passed the FRA - i had thought i did ok in the ECR and wasn't unduly worried - but the wording at the end of section 1 on the FRA really did for me I panicked - and ended up leaving it and going back to it I still wasn't happy with it - but still I passed
    i echo OP's sentiments don't give up believe in yourself and keep smiling :thumbup::thumbup:
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    Woooo Hooo

    Cheers and well done to you too!! Must of just scraped FRA:lol:
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    Well done all.
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    I am so clever

    I was confident I passed ECR and convinced I had failed FRA
    I am on cloud 9 as I passed both and cant wait for september to start technician

    well done to everyone who passed and better luck next time to everyone who failed:001_tongue:
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    I was confident about FRA, and before i sat the exam nervous about ECR.

    After i sat the ECR exam tho, it seemed ok. Passed both so :D Onto Tech in Sept!
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    Hello thanks for posts!

    I also did the ECR in december was sure i had failed but passed :-) , My june FRA i was quitely confident i had passed and i sure as hell have yey!!

    Technichian here we come in september :-)!!
    Congratulations everyone, Be Proud of yourselves !!!

    Take Care

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    We'll all have to move over on the forum!
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