Unit 10 & Spreadsheets

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Seeing as I passed intermediate yesterday, thought I'd make a start! Actually I've been working on it a while but am stuck with something and was wondering if I actually need to do it or not.

One of my recommendations is to set up a spreadsheet so that everything is automated - i.e you enter how many items and all the calculations are performed but its rather complex.

Was wondering if AAT require you to actually set the spreadsheets up and if they do do they want printouts or do they ask for it on a memory stick so they can check the formulaes etc...

Sorry if this is a stupid question but we haven't started this at college yet and just wanted to get a head start by doing it on my own!!

Thank you



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    When you are working on a project, you will have identified an area that you want to write your project on. Let’s presume it’s “Automating accounts procedures using a spread sheet”.

    You will have identified problems in that accounting area, evaluated the effect of them, in it’s current practice, on the organisation and made a recommendations on how to improve the identified weakness.

    You do not have to actually write the spreadsheet and incorporate that in your project. AAT is not looking for that, but an ability that a student can identify a problem, evaluate it’s effect on the organisation, and make recommendations to improve the identified current weaknesses. (read your PCs and K&Us)

    What you could do is write about its effect on the organisation should that recommendations are adopted.

    I hope this clears the problem
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