Which units?

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Just wondered if any of the Technician people had any advice on which Technician units to start on? Is it best to get PEV and PCR out the way first?


  • A-Vic
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    Doesn't it feel good to be here Jow :001_smile: i have no idea what were doing first at college rang tutor today and left a message to find out if funding has gone through ok.

    Your self study arnt you?
  • jow774
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    It feels really good, lol. I was convinced Id failed!

    Yeah Im self study, my employer wont fund me (boohoo) so am doing it as cheaply as I can, lol. Im half way through the project and am eager to get on to the next unit.

    Are you doing the whole thing at college? You'll have to let me know which units you start on at college so we can compare notes, lol.
  • A-Vic
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    Nothing from employer but he is letting me take monday classes at college(making the hours up sigh) am currently trying to start unit ten too wanted to get that out of the way before college starts.

    Soon as i find out will let you know :001_smile:
  • lessci
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    I didn't have a option over which units to take first, but did DFS and PCR with exams in December, then PEV and PCT with exams in June, with the Project, and CMCC and Auditing slotted in inbetween.
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    At our college we did PCR, project work and then had a choice between Cash Management or Personal Tax, all to be done before Christmas. Then from January we worked on DFS and PEV with a choice between Auditing and Business Tax.

    I personally went for the two skills tests, Auditing and Cash Management. PEV was much easier to get stuck into after studying PCR, I don't know how well I would have got on if I did them at the same time...

    Good luck in Technician - I'm a happy bunny today now that I have passed all my exams. :thumbup1:
  • A-Vic
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    Am pretty lucky already done CMCC so doing the Tax units and leaving the audit simulation
  • taskey
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    i did pev and pcr together as they are really close subjects

  • Symbol
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    We did PEV and PCR before Christmas, Unit 15 in January, project BTC and DFS in June.....:001_tt2:
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    I have just done PTC BTC and DFS together. Definately do both the tax together if your going to do them both because there are some simlarities between them. Im doing PEV and PCR in December. I hear they can be quite hard so I probably would have prefered to maybe do them first although I have got 3 out of 5 out of the way which feels quite good! I did Audit aswell last month because I want full exemptions for ACA.
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    Hi Jow

    Obviously for the December exams you have 3 months worth of study and for the June exams you have 6 months worth of study.

    Therefore I would definitely leave PEV till last. The variances can be quite tricky and they do take a while to get your head around.

    PCR I personally found really easy and logical. It is also a good starting point to give you some basic knowledge before you start PEV. Therefore I would do this one first.

    DFS, is more a case of there being a lot to learn (lots of IAS') than being difficult so I would leave this one until January too.

    BTC I found REALLY hard and was amazed I passed when I got my results yesterday. Therefore I would do this last.

    And finally PTC isn't quite as tricky as BTC so I would do this one first as it gives a good starting point for BTC.

    So in summary if I was you I would do PTC and PCR from Sept - Dec and PEV, DFS and BTC in Jan - June.

    Hope this helps.


  • jow774
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    Thanks Matt, thats really helpful.

    I was going to start PTC as it seems like I do alot of this at work but you've saved me from coupling it with DFS.

    Thanks again.:thumbup:
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