Shares on company formation

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Can any kind person give me advice, please?

What is the process for classifying shares on a reward basis (alphabet shares) on the formation of a company? I have spoken with a formation agent who says that they can form a company with 'normal' share allocation first, then reclassify later. But the fees seem prohibitive. Can it be done straight away if Companies House is approached directly?

Many thanks!


  • deanshepherd
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    I would suggest it would be easier to form a normal company and then do the relevant paperwork to subdivide and reclassify. Getting a formation agent to do all that prior to registering with Companies House is just going to put them off and quote you a high price.

    I use Quick Formations to form a company (circa £34) and then Waterlows to draw up the necessary resolutions and paperwork for Companies House (perhaps around £120).

    You could of course do it all yourself if you prefer.
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