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I finished my AAT back in 2008 and was told I would be invited to the 2009 award ceremonies, as I had missed the invites for 2008.

Since then I have become a CIMA student member and have let my AAT membership lapse because my employer will only support one - due to the new website, I can't get any student information up from MyAAT - how useful!

Can anyone tell me if the AAT have started sending out invites yet or when they are due to be sent out? Also any other information you have heard?

Many thanks - much appreciated! :001_smile:


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    Taken from MyAAT

    You will be eligible to attend one of the 2009 Achievement Award Ceremonies if you live in the UK and achieved one (or more) of the following between 21 August 2008 and 19 August 2009:

    • completing the AAT Accounting Qualification
    • completing an AAT Certificate in Payroll Administration (QCF)
    • gaining election to AAT full membership (MAAT status)
    • gaining election to AAT fellow membership (FMAAT status)
    • completing 25 years of AAT full and/or fellow membership.

    We will despatch booking forms to all eligible members in late August 2009.


    The only way you can reserve a place at a ceremony is by completing and returning your booking form by post, providing the required deposit by cheque or credit/debit card (see below). We will not accept bookings by e-mail, telephone or fax, or in any other format than on the official booking form. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend that you return your form as quickly as possible.

    The booking form provides space for you to indicate your first and second choice events. Please provide two options if possible, since this will increase your chance of securing a place.


    You must forward a £15 deposit with your booking form. You may pay this by cheque (payable to “AAT”) or credit/debit card. If we are unable to allocate you a place at an event, we will destroy your cheque or credit/debit card payment details. If we are able to allocate you a place at an event, we will destroy your cheque or credit/debit card payment details after the event and your attendance has been confirmed. If you are allocated a place but do not attend we will retain your deposit.

    Allocation of places

    Because places at the Achievement Award Ceremonies are limited they are allocated strictly on a first come, first served basis. When we receive your form we will allocate you a place at your first choice event if one is available. If no space is available at this event and you have supplied us with an alternative choice, we will allocate you a place at this event if one is available. If we are unable to provide a place at either of your chosen events, we will destroy your deposit cheque or credit/debit card payment details.


    Because of space limitations you may only bring one guest to your ceremony. If you wish to bring a guest please ensure that you indicate this on your booking form. Any additional guests arriving without the prior agreement of the AAT will be refused entry to the ceremonies.

    Further Information:

    Please contact the AAT’s Membership Services Section on tel: 020 7397 3078 or e-mail: [email protected]

    ...does anyone have any idea where the ceremonies are to?
  • phunkyphantom22
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    That's great - thanks for the info! :001_smile:
  • phunkyphantom22
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    Has anyone had the forms through yet? It said August, but I've still not seen anything.

    Is there any updated news about it on the Students site?

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    Hi PP

    I had my forms through the post on 3rd September, but didn't return them until 7th September. I know it's on a first come first served basis so not even sure if I'll get a slot for waiting until after the weekend to post back.

    I haven't heard if anyone else has received their invite yet.
  • phunkyphantom22
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    Thanks for letting me know.

    Sounds like you'll have more chance than I have, I have received nothing! Very annoying as I finished AAT in Sept 08, so have had to wait a year as it is.
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    I was under the impression that you still had to be a registered member to be eligible to go? i could be wrong though. have you had the forms yet?
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    No nothing yet, has everyone else had theirs now?

    I am just assuming that I will now not get sent any and the reason is because I am no longer a registered member.

    The response I had from AAT back in February was this:

    "You do not need to be a full member to attend these events but if you are then it will allow you to be recognised with the designatory letters after your name (MAAT) and also will position you in a different category on the evening."

    In hindsight, they could have assumed that I would still be a registered student member.

    It doesn't matter too much, I would have liked to have gone but I am going to be very busy with my CIMA exams until the end of November so I'm now not sure I could go anyway.
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