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Hello, was hoping someone could help me?!

I am in the process of preparing Limited Company Accounts. The Company has changed registererd offices recently, which one do I put on the information page, the current registered office or the address which was the registered office at the end of the year of which the accounts have been prepared?

Also, the current registered address is an office in London which charges him to use. He said that he had been advised not to use his home address as the Registered Office as this will have tax consequences when he sells his house? Is this correct? I have a lot of clients who's registered office is their home address. What is the best thing for them to do?



  • deanshepherd
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    1. Current registered office should be used.
    2. There are no tax consequences of having registered office being at home. He will be referring to the rule that PPR relief will not be available for any part of the home used exclusively for business purposes.
  • Wrenchie
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    I thought as much, thanks very much :001_smile:
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